Junior Americanist Workshop Series (JAWS)


A venue for junior americanist scholars to share their research.

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Junior Americanist Workshop Series

A new virtual workshop for American politics reseach in the pandemic age.


With the cancellation of conferences and seminar series due to COVID-19, we are starting a virtual workshop series, Junior Americanist Workshop Series, to provide an alternative opportunity for junior scholars (ABD grad students, post docs, and any early career faculty) who study American politics (behavior or institutions) to present and get feedback on their work and to network with other scholars with similar interests.

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The workshop provides the opportunity for junior Americanist scholars to present their work and receive feedback. This term we are experimenting with a variety of formats, but each week will include at minimum two presentations, with individual discussions and questions to follow.

In addition to article-length manuscripts, we also encourage the submission of well-developed pre-analysis plans and research designs. Submissions may be solo-authored or collaborative; if the submission is collaborative, we will give preference to those with junior scholars as coauthors.

We will try to match up discussants with papers based on subject area expertise to the best of our ability.

To make sure that participants can review all of the papers in the workshop in advance, we will collect and circulate the papers one week in advance.


JAWS is held on (typically) alternating Wednesdays, 2-4pm Eastern Time.

Spring Schedule

Misinformation and Misperception: February 17th from 2:00PM ET-3:30PM ET

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Computational Text Analysis in American Politics: March 10, 2021 from 2:00PM ET-3:30PM ET.

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Accountability: March 24th from 2:00PM ET-3:30PM ET

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Legislative Capacity: April 28th from 2:00PM ET-3:30PM ET

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The Attitudes and Influence of Political Elites: May 19th from 2:00PM ET-3:30PM ET

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JAWS Professional Development Series

This spring we will be holding several of professiomnal development panels in addition to our usual paper series. These will be held at ad-hoc times as speaker availability dictates.

Public Scholarship: February 26th from 3:00-4:00pm ET

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Academic Book Publishing: Thursday March 25th 1:00-2:00pm ET

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Academic Journal Publishing: Thursday April 27th 3:00-4:00pm ET

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JAWS Socializing

Trivia: Thursday March 25th 8:00 ET

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Trivia: Wednesday May 19th 8:00 ET

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Contact Us

Please reach out to any one of the organizing committee with any comments or questions!

Past Presentations

Representation: September 30th

Ideology and Partisanship: October 14th

Media Effects/Information Effects: October 28th

Identities in American Politics: November 11th

Legislative Politics: December 2nd

Legislative and Executive Politics: December 16th

Electoral Systems: January 13th