Junior Americanist Workshop Series (JAWS)


A virtual workshop for American politics research.

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JAWS MPSA 2023 Mini-Conference Schedule

Conference Format:

Conference Schedule

7:30-8:00 AM

Continental Breakfast

8:00-8:40 AM

“Estimating Ideology for U.S. House of Representative Primary Candidates: Word Embeddings and Campaign Websites”

Author: Colin Case, UNC Chapel Hill, crcase@live.unc.edu

Discussant: Jacob Montgomery, Washington University in St. Louis, jacob.montgomery@wustl.edu

8:40-9:20 AM

“Running Towards Rankings: Ranked Choice Voting’s Impact on Candidate Entry and Descriptive Representation”

Author: Jonathan Colner, University of California - Davis, jpcolner@ucdavis.edu

Discussant: Jack Santucci, Drexel University, jack.santucci@gmail.com

9:20-10:00 AM

“Why the Mass Public Values Each Other’s Policy Preferences”

Author: Nicholas Dias, University of Pennsylvania, niccdias@sas.upenn.edu

Discussant: Jennifer Wolak, Michigan State University, wolakjen@msu.edu

10:00-10:20 AM


10:20-11:00 AM

“Dilemmas of Accommodation: Diversity and Congregational Involvement in Politics”

Author: Jasmine English, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, jenglish@mit.edu

Discussant: Kathy Cramer, University of Wisconsin, kathy.cramer@wisc.edu

11:00-11:40 AM

“Barriers to Housing Production: A Case Study of Oregon”

Author: Mary Follo, University of Oregon, mfollo@uoregon.edu

Discussant: Stan Oklobzija, UC Riverside, stano@ucr.edu

11:40 AM-12:20 PM

“How vaccine coverage inequality and vaccine mandates change Americans’ attitudes toward vaccines on Twitter”

Author: Pei-Hsun Hsieh, Stony Brook University, pei-hsun.hsieh@stonybrook.edu

Discussant: Matt Motta, Boston University, mmotta@bu.edu

12:30-1:30 PM

Lunch and Professional Development Session on “The Academic Job Market”

Moderator: David Miller, East Tennessee State University, millerdr3@etsu.edu

Panelists: Amanda d’Urso, Dartmouth College, ; Alexandra Filindra, University of Illinois-Chicago, aleka@uic.edu; Laurel Harbridge-Yong, l-harbridge@northwestern.edu; Jenny Wolak, Michigan State University, wolakjen@msu.edu

1:40-2:20 PM

“Why do companies act virtuously? A field experiment to understand the motivations behind corporate social responsibility”

Author: Max Kagan, UC Berkeley, max_kagan@berkeley.edu

Discussant: Zander Furnas, Northwestern University, alexander.furnas@kellogg.northwestern.edu

2:20-3:00 PM

“Political Communication in the streaming oriented platform, Twitch”

Author: Sangyeon Kim, Pennsylvania State University, szk922@psu.edu

Discussant: Tiago Ventura, New York University, tav5082@nyu.edu

3:00-3:40 PM

“Representation as Reparations? Understanding White Democrats’ Support for Black Political Candidates”

Author: Anna Mikkelborg, UC Berkeley, anna.mikkelborg@berkeley.edu

Discussant: Eric Juenke, Michigan State University, juenke@msu.edu

3:40-4:00 PM


4:00-4:40 PM

“Developing the Pipeline: How Women’s Organizations Support Women Candidates”

Author: Sara Morell, University of Michigan, shmorell@umich.edu Discussant: Kris Kanthak, University of Pittsburgh, kanthak@pitt.edu

4:40-5:20 PM

“How Presidents Persuade: Facts, Feelings, and the Language of Presidential Power”

Author: Benjamin S. Noble, Washington University in St. Louis, bsnoble@wustl.edu

Discussant: Jonathan Klingner, University of Mississippi, jklingle@olemiss.edu

5:30-8:00 PM

Networking Dinner Off-site for Presenters and Discussants


Happy Hour Open to Everyone at Game Room