Junior Americanist Workshop Series (JAWS)


A venue for junior americanist scholars to share their research.

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Junior Americanist Workshop Series

A new virtual workshop for American politics reseach in the pandemic age.

MPSA 2023 Mini-Conference: Call for Papers and Discussants

Submit your papers to the first ever JAWS in-person mini-conference to be held at MPSA 2023! Thanks to funding from the APSA Centennial Center, we’re able to offer $350 to all accepted presenters as well as a modest honorarium ($100) for discussants. We’ll also cover all meals.

This will be a day-long conference within a conference at MPSA, with the goal of bringing together junior American politics scholars to share their research, network, and discuss topics in professional development.

We are accepting all papers or well-developed pre-analysis plans from graduate students or individuals in non-tenure track positions. We have a strong preference for papers that are solo authored or co-authored with other non-TT individuals. Research across all subfields of American politics will be considered.

Conference format:

Use this Google form to apply to present your work or volunteer as a discussant for our in-person mini-conference at MPSA 2023! Sign up here!